Meet Harry, our new Estates Apprentice

We caught up with Harry Davis, Cobalt Health’s new estates apprentice, to find out more about his role, why he was attracted to Cobalt and why he decided to pursue an apprenticeship in Property Maintenance.

So Harry, tell us about your journey to becoming property maintenance apprentice at Cobalt?

I attended The De Montfort School located in Evesham, Worcestershire where I stayed for a total of eight years including middle school, high school and sixth form. At sixth form I studied Travel and Tourism, Product Design and Media Studies. I have had a couple of previous jobs before my current job at Cobalt; I have experience of working in a café and a factory. 

Why did you decide to pursue an apprenticeship?

I decided to pursue this apprenticeship so I could create a career path for myself going forward at Cobalt. By this, I mean advancing my practical skillset in and out of the workplace, and learning how to use certain tools and specialist equipment. In addition to this, I had personally had enough of education and wanted to start working so this apprenticeship was perfect for me. 

What does your apprenticeship involve and what are you hoping to achieve out of it?

I am doing a property maintenance apprenticeship, which involves learning and developing skills in plumbing, electrics and carpentry. On top of this, I will also gather enough knowledge to perform basic repairs including wall damage and tile damage. I attend Gloucestershire College every Friday where I am studying a property maintenance course, which will last two years. 

What attracted you to Cobalt?

My dad has worked alongside Cobalt as a contractor for many years so I have always known about the charity and their long-term goals. Over the years, Cobalt has grown and expanded as a medical charity, which of course creates a wider range of opportunities and job roles. This position will allow me to develop my career further and gather a lot more hands-on work experience.

How do you like to spend your spare time outside of working hours?

I like going out with my friends, playing football regularly and watching a good series on Netflix.  

Finally, what is your all-time favourite movie?

Jurassic Park