Diagnostic imaging

Cobalt works in partnership with Siemens Healthineers and Philips Healthcare to deliver services utilising the very latest imaging technology.


The Cobalt Imaging Centre in Cheltenham provides 3.0 Tesla and 1.5 Tesla MRI. The Institute of Translational Medicine Imaging Centre, located on the Queen Elizabeth (QE) University Hospital in Birmingham, supports the University of Birmingham and the QE Hospital with a wide range of research with 3.0 Tesla.

A fleet of mobile MRI scanners, including Europe’s only 3.0 Tesla mobile MRI, supports hospitals throughout the UK. Cobalt has provided a mobile MRI service since 1994.


Cobalt is currently the largest provider of ultra-low-dose mobile CT working in partnership with the NHS. Supporting lung cancer screening programmes from Hull to Thurrock using the very latest Siemens Somatom go. CT technology. The mobile CT fleet also provides general and complex CT imaging to hospitals throughout the UK.


The Cobalt Imaging Centre provides the NHS PET/CT service for the population of Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire, scanning around 4,000 patients each year. A new Siemens Biograph Vision digital PET/CT scanner is due to be installed in January 2022.

A mobile Siemens Biograph mCT Flow mobile PET/CT will also be delivered in December 2021, which will support hospitals across the UK.

Community Diagnostic Hubs

Cobalt is working with the NHS to deliver Community Diagnostic Hubs in a number of locations, providing imaging, including MRI and CT to the local community.


Cobalt was the first imaging service to attain the Quality Standard for Imaging, a standard that has been held for 11 years. The charity was also the first imaging service to attain ISO:9001 quality management standard for its imaging service.